USAID's Expanding Participation of Persons with Disability Program

About The EPD Program

USAID's three-year Expanding Participation of Persons with Disability (EPD) program is designed to empower Bangladeshi DPOs to activate the DRPA district committees, thereby providing a vital new opportunity for citizens with disabilities to access justice. Once trained and mobilized, DPOs working in concert with local stakeholders will actively engage the DRPA district committees to ensure their accountability and responsiveness to persons with disabilities. In the long run, this program will empower DPOs to become democratic change agents in their local communities.

The EPD program aims to achieve the following objectives:

Accessible Resources

Produce high-quality, action-oriented resources on the DRPA for diverse stakeholders. Some of the resources will be published in braille copies, electronically available audio and Bangla sign language versions to make it accessible to persons with certain type of disabilities

Proposal Creation

Strengthen DPOs' capacity to develop high-quality, needs-based, and strategic project proposals so that they are well prepared to bid for future funding opportunities from prospective donors

DRPA Implementation

Enable DPOs to mobilize national- and district-level stakeholders to implement the DRPA

Critical Evaluation

Enable DPOs to evaluate critically the impact of their advocacy plans and to identify avenues for future advocacy

USAID’s Expanding Participation of People with Disability Program

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